About Us

Established in 1997, the Bangladeshi Students’ Association is a student run organization at the University of Toronto, with the vision to become leaders in the Bangladeshi community and bridge the gap between the Canadian and Bangladeshi cultures to achieve common interests and objectives.

The BSA’s mission is to inspire change through community leadership and organizing events to promote culture, equity and youth initiatives. Our youth involvement through arts and crafts, music and drama,writing and photography help develop expression, artistic abilities and community. The BSA embodies of Bengali heritage within multicultural Canada.

Through its events,the BSA educates the broader community about issues regarding environmental and social changes. As a non-profit club, all profits from BSA events are donated to various charity organizations.

About Our Events

The Bangladeshi Students’ Association plans many events that include, but are not limited to:

  • 01

    This is the biggest event of the Bangladeshi Students’ Association that is organized every year.

  • 02

    Happens in the third Saturday of March every year.

  • 03

    500 people as audience

  • 04

    Show includes play, song and dance segments


Event featuring live performances by our talented musicians


Event organized in collaboration with TSA, ISS and PDF


Event planned to celebrate the beginning of the Bengali New Year

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Co-President Saadia Nusrat Parisha
Co-President Tasnia Chowdhury
Co-Vice President Rabita Monami Prova
Co-Vice President Alvira Matin
General Secretary Atkia Rashid
Co-Director of Finance Muhtasim Chaklader
Co-Director of Finance Muhtasim Sultan Faruque
Director of Events Promotion Sakib Ahmed
Director of Operations Ameera Karim
Director of Marketing Saquib Tanzeem
Director of Events Ahnaf Ali
Director of Graphic Design Sakib Shabab
Director of Digital Media Aaraf Ahmed
Executive Team 2016-2017

President Jubair Mohammad Aziz
Co-Vice President Shamsun Hossain Raiya
Co-Vice President Mir Aftabuddin Ahmed
General Secretary Fariha Rahman
Co-Director of Finance Nafis Rafid
Co-Director of Finance Saadia Nusrat Parisha
Director of External Affairs Munzir Rahman
Director of Administrative Affairs Mimta Chowdhury
Director of Operations Rabita Prova
Director of Marketing Tasnia Chowdhury
Co-Director of Events Alvira Matin
Co-Director of Events Zahin Iram Ahmed
Director of Media Maisha Uddin

Meet the Team