Jolshaghor: Acoustic Night 2017

The Bangladeshi Students’ Association-UTSG is delighted to continue its tradition of promoting cultural excellence through the mysticism of music. In collaboration with the Woodsworth College Students’ Association, we are elated to invite you to the Acoustic Night 2017: “Jolshaghor”.

Jolshaghor intends to showcase the talent and versatility of various artists from the University of Toronto and beyond. From popular Bangladeshi numbers to the art of Acapella, Jolshaghor promises to be a forum for friends and family to come together and witness a musical soiree of the highest order. We aim to showcase a fusion of Eastern and Western music, whilst celebrating Bangladesh’s ever evolving cultural scene.

Be sure to be charmed by solo performances, Sway to the melody of duets and dance to the rhythms of our gifted bands. From the tabla to the guitar, and classical to rock, we surely hope that Jolshaghor in its entirety can live up to the expectations set forth by our predecessors! And of course, we will be serving hot drinks and a scrumptious meal to accompany your Winter Night!

Venue: Kruger Hall, Woodsworth College
Time: January 14, 2017; Gates open at 4:30
Tickets: $15 (non-refundable)

The BSA-UTSG looks forward to seeing you all at Jolshaghor to support and promote the young artists of our community! Get your tickets fast!

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